Tuesday, December 23, 2003

A Peaceful Vision for the Christmas Season

This month's issue of Sunset magazine features an article called "Peace in the Desert" about a young Nevada couple with two boys who have a refreshingly different way to spend the Christmas holidays. They are gardners and nature lovers who enjoy nothing more than a peaceful day in quiet, desert landscape. Here are a few quotes from the article:

"There's so much excess associated with the holidays. It's nice to get out and take the emphasis off of stuff. And the boys just love it....We have beautiful clear blue skies then. The light plays on the chollas and grasses. And we've been out there on the rare occasion when the cactus and yuccas were dusted with snow. It was downright magical."

"We buy one gift for each child, not a huge thing. There's a critical mass of toys beyond which more doesn't make anyone happier. Little children especially can't handle all the hype. We try to avoid creating a big buildup for one day and instead enjoy the season day by day. Heading to the post office the week before Christmas with young kids and boxes is not fun. Shopping online can keep kids away from the hyperactivity of malls."

After a hectic day spent driving in heavy around-town traffic, shopping for last-minute gifts, braving the crowded aisles and long long lines at Stater Brothers, wrapping presents, cutting and packaging fudge and cookies for neighbors, not to mention paying a few bills, this couple's vision of a peaceful, centered Christmas season sounds inviting and healthy.

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