Monday, March 15, 2004

Thin Mints on the eBay Auction Block

It's official...eBay is part of the everyday American middle class life experience. To the chagrin of the Girls Scouts organization, ever-popular Girl Scout cookies are selling on eBay...and they are selling like proverbial hotcakes, err...cookies. At this moment, there are 265 active auctions for thin mints, samoas and the like, and all are going at prices well above what the girls collect from family and friends.

Seems that some auctions are offered by scout parents who aren't able to help their girls sell the requisite cookie quota....disabled moms and dads, those with no deep-pocketed friends or neighbors, those with little time for all the school, sports and scouts fundraisers. But many are offered by fast-reacting entrepreneurs who have found a market....small towns and urban jungles with no scout troops, seniors and shut-ins with no kids in their lives, and people who just can't get enough thin mints.

Scads of Girl Scout cookies, Tupperware and Creative Memories paraphernalia are now all sold on eBay. What's next...groceries?

Like I've said before, eBay is not just a place to do business. It's now a way of doing business. There's a big difference.

Now back to eBay to stash away a few spare boxes of the ones with the toasted coconut....:)

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