Sunday, January 08, 2006

Annual Accountability Moment

My annual accountability moment is here..............(drumroll please)

Total stationary bike miles in 2005 - 564.5 miles

Total stationary bike miles in 2004 - 562 miles

My goal for 2005 was 600 miles. I lapsed off in August during vacation, and for reasons I can no longer recall, June was an embarrassing exercise bust.

As I say every year, what the heck would my weight be if I hadn't exercised??? :>)

Mileage goal for 2006: 600 miles
I'm hooked on exercise, and not a year too soon. If I don't ride this bike, my mother's arthritis flares up within days, and I feel slow and a bit cranky. It's now a continuous necessity for me and my inherited knees.

My primary new year's resolutions are to move more, eat more fruit and veggies, and pray more.

Wish me luck. This new grandmother wants to live and thrive for many more decades.



Mark Daniels said...

You make me feel guilty!


Deborah White said...

LOL....Don't feel guilty. Just find an exercise type you don't mind doing, and give it a specific time in your daily weekday schedule. Lots of people walk.

I ride my bike in front of TV...some guilty pleasure morning program...after the family is gone to work and school. It's fun.

Anonymous said...

We would love to see a picture of you watching the boob tube on your bike. What an inspiration! I do 1,000 a year and pray more that my seat stays cushioned and eat my rabbit food EVERY day!

Deborah White said...

LOL...Trust one wants to see a pic of me riding my stationary bike, watching Martha, "The View" or a cooking program.

But thank you. ;>)