Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Christian. Heartfelt. Souldeep.

I have a confession that would be shameful in some circles.....I 've never listened much to U2's music. It's been more a question of time and effort than deliberate choice.

As I work and drive, my music preferences are light jazz, soothing classical notes and the occasional Christian praise tune. I do savor the music of some rock and pop artists. Carlos Santana. The poet laureate of my generation, Bob Dylan. R.E.M. The late, great, smooth Marvin Gaye. My secret 70s vice, John Denver and his love of Colorado and the environment. And, of course, my lifetime heroine, Joan Baez. (Framed and on my office wall is one of the original Apple"Think Different" ads with Joan Baez. Best ad campaign ever....) I admire an eclectic basket of musical artists.....I even like some hip-hop.

So I sit here writing, and listening to my daughter's U2 CDs....The Joshua Tree, All that You Can't Leave Behind and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

Good stuff. Updated late sixties-style with flashes of Jim Morrison. Christian. Heartfelt. Souldeep.


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