Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pondering Control and Connections

No, I haven't disappeared. I'm right here....but as my grandmother would say, "'s been a week!"

I've been avoiding my doctor for the last six months, working hard to bring my blood pressure back under control. My control. It flared up for the first time about six years ago. With exercise, a closer walk with God, a change of certain circumstances, and a tiny diuretic, my BP returned to normal.

But this last year, I've again struggled with it. Just as my dad did and does....just as his sisters did. Just as his mother apparently did when she died one day, standing on her farmhouse back porch while calling her family to dinner.

I could avoid the verdict no more. Saw Dr. Mutter on Monday, and yes, my blood pressure still soared at lofty, frightening heights. And I had to finally accept what I didn't want to accept: actual medication and daily BP monitoring at home.

It's admission that I can't handle it alone. It's an admission of aging. It's an admission of needing help.

I admitted it all. And the good doctor smiled at me for the first time in two years.

(Started taking the teeny white pill on Thursday. BP today is 121/84, the best it's been in I-don't-know-how-long. And I feel absolutely fine, with nary a side effect. )
OK, that's not the strange part.

Arrived home on Monday from the doctor's office, and sat down to send Ron an email at work. And our cable connection was down, which is very, very rare. Unheard of. I called the cable company, and they couldn't send a repairman until today, Saturday.

So the very week that I was forced to focus on my rethink time management and peace of ponder my passion for getting caught-up in great causes....I was also cut-off from the internet, except for inconvenient forays to the public library.

Ron said it was God.

I think Ron is correct. But it seems to me that Dr. Mutter may have secret connections to the cable company.....:)

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