Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My New 'Do or an Angel?

In a spontaneous fit of middle-aged feminine vanity, I changed my hair color last week to a lovely dark auburn.....not the rich, radical auburns of today's young women, but a robust, natural shade to rinse away my mousy gray-streaked sand-brown.

I think it takes 10 years off my hair age. But more importantly, I smile more. It's new and fun and I like what I see in the mirror.

But I wonder what the rest of my world thinks, other than Ron and Andrea who love whatever I dream and do.

In the market about an hour ago,I quickly rounded the corner with my almost-empty cart ( dog food, four bell peppers, body lotion) when I nearly ran down an old man slowly, painfully trudging to a door.

Me: I'm so sorry.

Old Man: No...I'm sorry.....

Me: Can I help you?

Old Man: No, no. (waves me away with his hand, then shakes his head.) I'm old.....and slow.

Me: (with a small laugh, pondering my blood pressure concerns) I'm getting old and slow, too.

Old Man: (pause) No you're not. You're young.

Me: Uh.....thank you!

Old Man: (looking straight at my eyes) You're young and beautiful.

And he trudged away.

Maybe it's my new 'do.

Or maybe God sent one of His angels to give me a kind, cheery word.

I hope it's both. I'll assume it's both......:)

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