Saturday, August 26, 2006

Waiting for a Window of Time

It's been a while since I posted here at my favorite blog. I'm tired... deep-down tired.

It was a long summer. Ron's mother passing away, Ron's father's new dependence on us, moving. And more, too.

I'm a writer, by trade and by nature. I like and need a certain amount of solitude (mornings to early afternoons) to hear God's voice, and to channel it through my voice. To allow Him to use me.

Solitude has been especially scarce this summer. Besides all the unusual events, our precious daughter is now an energetic, emotional, bright, challenging... did I say energetic?... 15 year old.

School starts in one week, the day after Labor Day so there's light at the end of my long summer tunnel. And while I'll miss sharing daily lunches with her, and shopping with her, and chatting with her, and visiting Starbucks with her, driving her to parties and play rehearsels and friends' houses and golf practices and the library....

I simply can't wait to reclaim a consistent window of time for writing.

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