Saturday, October 07, 2006

Busy Weekend in San Francisco

I'm blogging these words while sitting in a hip hotel room in one of the great cities, San Francisco. The built-in desk here spans the length of my window view of the financial district and the edge of Chinatown. I lulled to sleep last night with skyscraper lights magically beaming into my room.

The sky is clear and bright baby-blue today. The air is cool, clean and breezy. It's a glorious and beautiful day in San Francisco.

I've visited "The City" many dozens of times, but have never seen it so teeming with humanity:

It's Fleet Week, and three ships of uniformed sailors on weekend shore-leave roam the city.

This weekend, there's a free multi-night Bluegrass concert, featuring Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and 60 other performers. It's expected to draw more than 300,000 attendees.

Oakland A's fans are celebrating sweet victory yesterday over the Minnesota Twins, and their progression to baseball's AL championship.
Tomorrow is the San Francisco 49ers-Oakland Raiders football game.

And the Blue Angels gave an airshow today, thrilling all with magnificent fly-bys over the San Francisco Bay.

I'm here for an York Times weekend meeting, and leave soon for dinner with the NYT crowd. Fortunately, we have reservations (for about 100!).

It's all thrilling and fun, and the city pulsates with laughter and excitement...

But catching a cab is a time-consuming challenge.

In fact, it's 5:40 PM now. Dinner's at 7 PM. I better start now... :)

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