Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rocky Mountain Moments

Today, Ron and I have the rare gift of an unplanned, unprogrammed, unwired, un-cell phoned, childless, parentless (my 80 year old mom and dad live nearby) day together amid this lovely Rocky Mountain scenery outside our front door.

As I write this early morning missive, I'm soothed by the babble of the Fall River. Ron is asleep in our tiny condo's comfy down bed. The scent of fresh coffee fills the cold air.

We plan a light, leisurely breakfast followed by a stroll along the river. Later, we may venture into the charming shops in town. Tonight, we'll cuddle and enjoy... uninterrupted (!)... a movie in, as we did last night.

I plan to take photos and to press this day forever into my memory. But I think the real enjoyment is in the doing and feeling, not the remembering.

Life is fleeting, and Ron has struggled with hs health these past few years. He still struggles, and more tests lie ahead when we return home next week.

God never promises tomorrow to anyone. But today will be glorious and golden...

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