Friday, February 29, 2008

"We're on lockdown at school."

The following is an actual text message conversation I had today with my daughter, a junior in high school.... a terrible and terrifying conversation dreaded by every parent in 2008.

Andrea (3:33 PM): we're on lockdown at school so im still in class. we arent supposed to call so im texting. im fine :)

Me (3:34 PM): Are you ok?

Andrea (3:35 PM):yes im totally fine

I called the school office, and a secretary verified that the entire school of 2,500 students is on lockdown because of shots heard north of the campus. Until the police clear the area, school will remain locked down.

Me (3:40 PM): Text me when they release you. Your dad will pick you up. Please be extra cautious.

Andrea (3:42 PM): Okay i love you

Me (3:54 PM): Do they have any idea when this will be over?

Andrea (3:55 PM): no they keep coming on and saying just stay in class

Me (3:58 PM): The office said it was an off-campus incident with a student. Need police clearance to let you go.

Andrea (3:58 PM): okay

Me (4:15 PM): Any word? Where are you?

Andrea (4:16 PM): Nothing. im still in government.

Me (4:17 PM): I should call your employer. (She was due at her job at 5 PM.)

Andrea (4:19 PM): we just got out
She's now safe at home. Thank God!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Moved by the Democratic Ballot

I was surprisingly moved today at the privilege of voting for either a woman or an African-American to be President of the United States.

I suppose that, despite leading a comfortable, middle-class life, I've always unconsciously felt the invisible glass ceiling of hard reality and unfair boundaries.

What today's Democratic ballot means is that I, and my daughters and granddaughter, can be regarded as professional equals to men. That the world no longer sees us as second best... as lesser imitations of white men.

My life's work will be unchanged, of course. But there are no limits for the young women in my family.

Knowledge of that new freedom to follow God's leading anywhere is indeed, a privilege and a deep blessing.