Sunday, December 31, 2006

Annual Accountability Moment, 2006

Ok... here it is: my 3rd annual New Year's Accountability Moment.

And I'm thrilled this year. I measured up, so to speak. To quote the late James Brown, "I feel good..."

Annual Miles Logged on Trusty Stationary Bike
2006 - 645.5
2005 - 564.5
2004 - 562.0
Literally, I can't imagine what my health or weight would be without all that exercise. Or I don't dare to imagine, given my family history of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes... of which I've experienced none.
My advice: if you hate exercise, like me, find ways to make it fun. It could be a matter of life or... well, not life here.
Happy New Year, and God bless!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Dinner Menu, 2006

By popular demand (two family members), the following is the Christmas Day dinner menu at our home in two days.

The fare has a retro, mid-20th century theme, and pays homage to dishes served by my great-aunts and my mother during the 1950s and 1960s., but with 21st century touches.

A Christmas gift from me to my family is a delicious meal, lovingly dreamed and crafted.

Merry Christmas!

A whole ham, pineapple-mustard glaze

Classic green bean casserole (fresh , organic green beans, not canned)

Cauliflower au gratin

Carrots in cinnamon-butter sauce


Whole grain rolls, butter

Fresh peach pie, double-crust

Vanilla bean ice cream, Dreyers' Grand

California chardonnay, apple cider

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Motherhood and Christmas

For the first time ever, we spent Christmas away from home last year. We had a delightful and cozy time, visiting our daughter and son-in-law in their lovely Oregon home. My brother and his wife live nearby, on the Oregon-Washington border, and they joined us for a festive Christmas dinner.

We didn't celebrate Christmas with our two sons, daughter-in-law and six month old granddaughter last year, though, until we returned later that week
Truthfully, we were fine with that... but to our secret surprise, we were missed. Both Ryan, now 28, and Kevin, now 23, said it wasn't quite the same for them.

We're home this year, and, of course, we're hosting the family Christmas dinner. Trisha and Nino will remain in Oregon, and we'll miss their presence.

But I admit... I've deeply loved hearing from our sons how they're looking forward to celebrating the holiday at home with us.

Kevin, buried deep in his studies, work and head-over-heels for girlfriend Tessa, emailed me yesterday just to say he can't wait for Christmas here. And hard-working Ryan, husband and doting father, told me by phone last night that he and his family are excited about being here for the holiday.

I am many things... wife, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor, not to mention writer, community volunteer, activist, business woman.

But at my essence, I am a mother (and grandmother). I love our children. I pray for them daily, and they're always with me.
I'm feeling kind of special... and appreciated... that they long to celebrate the holidays with us.
That's the only gift I need this Christmas!
(Although... please ask me about my Amazon wish list. :) I have lots of wants...)

Saturday, December 02, 2006








(photo by Robert Laberge / Getty Images)