Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl Surprise? What Surprise?

Come on...get real, folks.

Michael Jackson's sister and Britney Spears' ex did the 3-second breast-baring deed in a Super Bowl program produced by MTV, and broadcast on CBS, TV home of Survivor, where one of the prime participation qualifications is to look great when nearly naked.

The only surprise is that anyone's naive enough to be surprised at the silly, tacky incident. Do you know what they show on MTV these days? Hello? Britney and Madonna, for one. We should be grateful that Christina Aguilera wasn't dancing with Justin, instead of Janet. Maybe on the Grammy awards this weekend, coincidentally on CBS.

Decency and shame are not watchwords for MTV and its stars, CBS or Viacom, which owns both MTV and CBS. We already knew that.

What surprise?

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