Friday, April 23, 2004

The God of Sunday Softball

The following is from an article in a recent special issue of "Sports Illustrated," entitled "Let Us Pray/Play" by columnist Rick Reilly,:

"Don't bet on coaches doing the right thing. If they could, they'd have your kids running stairs on Christmas morning. What has to happen is the parents have to start saying no. Not to their kids--to their kids' coaches. "I told my boy's coach he wouldn't be playing on Sundays," says Rich Cizik, "and he looked shocked. I said 'You act like nobody's ever said that to you before.' And he said, 'Honestly? They haven't.' "

We've said "No Thanks" to girls' softball on Sunday, most recently for a tournament last weekend. The first 2 games were scheduled for 8:45 AM and 11 AM last Sunday. We calmly said that we could be there (15 miles from home) after first service, about noon, at best. The team didn't progress to the 3rd game. Next time we saw the coach and parent crowd, we were treated as a cross between eccentrics and pariahs.

But privately, several parents asked more about us, about our faith and church. :)

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