Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Amateur Gourmet 2004 Survivor Challenge

Have thrown my hat into the competitive ring for the Amateur Gourmet 2004 Survivor Challenge, created by gourmet blogger Adam, the Amateur Gourmet. It's a Survivor-esque weekly cooking challenge with possible occasional Fear Factor-like eating challenges, all documented digitally and uploaded to his blog. Participants will vote someone out of the contest weekly by trashing competitors in private emails to Adam.

The sole gourmet survivor left standing at the end will receive a gift from a corporate sponsor....when he finds a corporate sponsor. Or maybe a fruit-of-the month club membership.

This wacky, clever idea sounds like lots of fun for foodies. And Adam must be one smart guy.....he knows how to create cyber-buzz, and at almost no cost to him. I'd tip my hat to Adam, but it's in his contest ring.

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