Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Of Wrapping Paper and Recycled Gift Bags

Today is Andrea's 13th birthday, and she's already received most of her gifts from us....a watch she had her eye on; a new leather-bound Bible to replace her children's version; especially 2 new parakeets, their cage and related paraphernalia. (More pets. Will we never learn?)

This morning, I reached for a handy gift bag for 2 books that are just from me. Save the good paper and expensive ribbons for big occasions. Weddings, showers, gifts for friends. Besides, she'll barely notice the wrapping. A gift bag will be fast, too. We're in a hurry. Lacrosse practice starts at 1 PM in Tustin...plenty to accomplish before then.

Then it hit me. Save the prettiest wrappings for a special occasion? Short-cut the present process? What could be bigger than my precious daughter's 13th birthday? She delights in every nuance of opening gifts....anticipation, unwrapping, surprise, pleasure, gratitude. Short-cut that?

I carefully wrapped the books with the very best I could find.....pretty lavendar paper festooned with colorful blue and purple ribbons. The joy on her face at the effort I made for best for what life is all about. She loved it. She felt special.

Why do we so often give our best to others and not our loved ones? Why do we give our family the leftovers? Next time, honor your family with your very best wrapping papers and ribbons...the best you have....and give the recycled gift bags to others.

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