Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Changed Lives in Two Hours

Have you ever had a day of such unusual, significant changes that it bore the distinct feel of God's plan?

I arrived home about 1:30 PM from an appointment to find my husband, arms outstretched, opening the front door for me. My 51 year old husband got fired from his crummy, tension-filled job. After chatting with him for a while, I checked my email. guessed it. I landed that plum job. I even get a small signing bonus. (I am now part of the press.)

Within the span of two hours, we both walk entirely new professional paths.

We're numb right now. No panic, no elation. None of the changes have yet processed. We're occupying ourselves with everyday humdrum: I'm making dinner and reading paperwork, Andrea's doing homework, and Ron's relaxing in the family room.

I would say we're grateful for these momentous events, but truth is....we have no idea if this is positive. It just is. It's reality.

Our only option, it seems, is to relax and follow wherever God is leading us.

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