Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Truth and Overcommitment

Since the November 2 election, I've overcommitted, overpartied and overstressed. Happily, I might add, but still overdone.

I was a pollworker for 15 frantic hours on Election Day. As I moped around on Nov 3, licking my wounds of loss, my son called to say hello...and by the way, I'm getting married Nov 20 and we're having a baby in May. So with my ex-husband's wife and my new daughter-in-law's Spanish-only-speaking family, we frantically pulled together a lovely church wedding and sitdown dinner reception in 17 days. Yes, 17 days.

Thanksgiving was 5 days after the wedding, followed by the joys, wonders and jarring pace of the Christmas season. (See my Dec 19 post.) Two weeks with Ron and Andrea home. Two blessed weeks of planning and shopping, cooking and eating, presents and parties, topped off by fun New Year's Eve festivities.

This week I started researching and writing a series on a political subject that's been floating in my thoughts. On Monday and Tuesday, I published parts 1 & 2 at my other blog, Heart, Soul & Humor. Hits and readership for Heart have grown radically, wildly, in recent weeks, and I feel such passion for the topics. It's exhilirating.

I woke up today tired, though. Tired and hungry to recharge, renourish, ready to lie low for a couple days. Ron and Andrea are back to their day lives,and I regained peace and quiet. So I exercised this morning, took a leisurely shower, baked a healthy pumpkin-raisin cake (no frosting).

I read from my fave Christian devotional, a 1928 book "A Way to Peace, Health and Power - Studies for the Inner Life" by Bertha Conde. The chapter on "The Spirit of Truth" leaped out at me. These words hit deeply...."Truth demands courage, and that is why so many timid people are afraid of it or dare not utter it....All the blessings of human society would disappear if the spirit of truth were withdrawn."

I quietly prayed to know how God wants to use my recent passions. I do it because I seek to tell the truth, and to have the truth heard. I don't often feel heard outside family.

As if to answer me...I received an email this afternoon from a major internet site, asking me to "auditon" for their lead editor position for liberal politics. I'd submitted an inquiry months ago, had entirely forgotten about it. They've been reading my work, following my blogs, and they're interested. It would be an amazing opportunity for exposure and influence to bring truth to others.

I think I'll give it my best shot. Maybe this is where God is next leading me.

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