Saturday, October 01, 2005

Eccentricities Revealed on Trip to Trader Joes

I recently dropped by Trader Joes....that veritable Toys-R-Us for pick-up a or two bottle of TJ enchilada sauce. Ron is half-addicted to it, and we ran out.

They were out of enchilada sauce...but did I leave with an empty cart? Obviously...of course not.

My cart, which could have been much fuller, brimmed with gourmet exotica and yummies that revealed my culinary eccentricities and that of my family.

To make your mouth water, too. I thought you might enjoy hearing my spontaneous shopping finds at Trader Joe's.....

-- TJ's spicy, smoky peach salsa (it's way beyond stupendous)
-- TJ's Thai mango coconut spread/dip with onions (part of TJ's Spreads of the World)
-- TJ's hot & sweet mustard
-- TJ's kalamata olive tapenade spread
-- whole wheat cinnamon raisin rolls, unsweetened (from the Zen Bakery)
-- 3 bags, organic banana chips
-- 2 jars, organic unsweetened apple sauce
-- organic white corn tortilla chips

Don't you wish you lived here today when we sample these goodies?

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