Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas Music Memories

I'm supposed to be editing right now, but I made the mistake of playing soft Christmas music in the background, and now I'm daydreaming.....

I remember a quiet Christmas season evening about 17 years ago. Ron and I were dating. It was cold outside, and remnants of a fire glowed in his fireplace. All was dark, except for hundreds of twinkling white lights on the tree. Music played softly as we kissed. He wrapped an arm around me, and we gazed in silence at the tree laden with glinting ornaments.

I remember looking at him and knowing, really knowing.....I want to marry this man. I would be privileged to marry this man.

The moment was magical and romantic. I can still hear the music, see the lights, feel his warm kiss.

And I'm teary-eyed again, daydreaming of a treasured Christmas night.....

1 comment:

sha said...

wow, that is a beautiful memory! amazing and magical how music can transport you back in time like that. here's to christmas music and wonderful christmas memories.