Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, and I am 54 years old. I will be spending it in the most delightful way....relaxing, drinking coffee and reading alone this morning, spending the afternoon with my six-month-old granddaughter, and enjoying a favorite dinner tonight with family.

My health is good, although I need to lose weight. My work is satisfying, although I'm certainly not compensated enough for it. My family is a treasure, although we don't often see many members who live at a distance. My walk with God is strong and ever-growing, but we're in the midst of a church change.

Like all people, I used to think that birthdays were about receiving.....presents, meals, being feted. And don't get me wrong.....I love those things. Rituals and celebrations are important to the joyful human existence.

But as I get older, I realize that the riches of life are found in small moments and simple joys, and that fulfillment comes in loving and giving, not just in being loved. I recently realized that, except for the physical twinges and pains of growing older, I love being 54. Age brings the blessings of wisdom and peaceful contentment, and the realization that life, by Design, is never perfect.

Happy birthday to me!


Mark Daniels said...

Happy birthday! Interestingly, mine is in three days. Let's see...Martin Luther, Billy Graham, Bobby Kennedy, and us. November is a good birthday month, isn't it?


Deborah White said...

That IS interesting, Mark! Really interesting.

(And painter Georgia O'Keeffe, also on Nov 15, which again is odd. I have a special affinity for her adopted home, New Mexico.)

Anonymous said...

A very happy, joyful, and peaceful
birthday to you D. I admire the reflection of light you shed on your life and I must say on my next milestone birthday I will do the same. Life is so much more than a big birthday cake or the most expensive gift. It's all about
if you can blow out the 54 candles and that corner peice of German chocolate cake...okay, just fill in your favorite cake name... anyway...Happy Birthday 2u

Deborah White said...

Thank you for your kind, thoughtful words and wishes.

Coconut cake is my favorite....:)