Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Real Elements of a Successful Marriage

A successful marriage .... one that lasts and is content, one with frequent moments of joy and laughter, one that produces good fruit, one based in good will .... takes a lot. Ron and I both feel we have a successful marriage.

I watched him as he trudged out to the car a few minutes ago to run family errands. He's tired as it's Saturday morning and he had a tension-filled week at work. I had my usual over-busy week too, never quite finishing my "to do" list, perpetually haunted by the vague ghost of undone necessities.

To have a successful marriage, it takes a lot .... faith in each other and God, trust (in capital letters), affection for each other's quirks and idiosyncrasies, sex (enough said .... I should dare to write on sex someday), shared life goals, same taste in tolerable pets, genuine friendship, separate bathrooms if possible, persistence beyond all reason, and non-negotiable bedtimes for children.

And a common sports team to cheer for together. Go Angels!

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