Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Seductive Self-Pity

I slipped and fell in my bathroom this morning. My bare feet were wet and so was the tile floor, so traction gave way to slippery and my feet flew out from under me. No real harm...just a mildly twisted, sore right leg. Nothing that can't be fixed with ice and a few days' healing.

It shook me up, though, and I've been fighting self-pity all day. You know...the female version. The little girl "poor me" variety. I hate getting older, and not bouncing right back. I hate having little accidents that I never had 20 years ago. I hate not having a different body.

Other than sex, is there anything more seductive than self-pity? The draw is so strong, yet the result is so miserable and self-defeating.

So I am fine, and I will wear slippers next time. And I will smile tonight.

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