Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Inspiration of Friends

Friends inspire me.

Susan plays her golden harp like an angel. I assumed she'd played for decades. A while ago, I asked how long she'd been studying her musical art.

"Two years now" this middle-aged wife and mother of three replied.

"Just two years? But....what caused you to start?"

"I asked myself...if I could do anything, what would it be? The answer was play the harp. So I did. Why wait? "

Susan inspired me to return to writing. I've loved to write since I was a junior higher. Always wanted to be a paid, professional writer. So I did. Why wait?
Laurie and Dave got a call just last week from a longtime friend in the child-placement field. A six-year old Russian girl needs a home. She's in foster care right now in another state. For unknown reasons, the friend thought of them.

These parents of two teenagers lead busy, Southern California-style driven and committed lives. Another child was the farthest thing from their thoughts.

But they prayed and pondered. They stopped to survey the possibilities. They stopped to consider where God may be leading them. That beautiful brown-eyed girl, who looks so much like Laurie, will be joining their household soon as their third precious child.

They were flexible and open to change. They were available for God's will. They truly opened their hearts and home to help another.

They inspire me.

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