Friday, June 24, 2005

On Baby Birds and Strong Wings

Outside my office window is our front yard, with grass, a small rose garden and to the right, a gathering of trees.....olive, white birch and liquid amber. To the left is our two-car garage.

And birds. Lots of birds, mostly heard but not seen.

A wren-like bird built her nest this year in our garage eaves. Her eggs hatched a bit ago, and now the fully-feathered baby birds explore our front yard. They're tiny and adorable as they alight on flower beds, sprinklers, rocks and the neighbor's low-wall. I just watched one a few minutes ago.

I noticed that the mother bird is always in the yard when the babies are out and about. One day soon, her babies will fly away....fully nurtured and fed, wings strong, ready for the world. Her responsibilities for them will be done. Roots planted, wings grown. A maternal job well done.

I suppose it's the same for us with our babies.

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purple_kangaroo said...

They grow up so quickly, too.