Sunday, June 11, 2006

Finally Taking the Road Less Traveled

I'm not missing.......just busy.

Been working almost fulltime on my gig as's Guide to US Liberals, and I've also been temp blogging for's Diabetes site. My income there is growing, which is a positive for my family. But I do it for the passion much more than for the income.

As I write this, I'm part of a conference call with Al Gore , and listening to Mr. Gore talking (at this moment) about global warming and the Kyoto Protocol Accords. (He's talking from his home in Nashville.)

We were at a graduation party this afternoon, and we left a few minutes early so I could participate in this Sunday afternoon call.

I've had several successful careers, but I always ultimately ended or limited them, believing that they interfered with my family life, and especially parenting. It's a woman thing. Men don't do that much. I did it out of choice, and without regret.

I think about the roads not taken, though. And I wonder: If I had invested more time and effort, where would those roads have taken me?

Please don't get me wrong.....I have more blessings than one could ever wish for: a loving husband, great children, an adorable granddaughter, caring friends, health and a strong walk with God. And a good doctor, a wonderful church led by two exceptional men of God, and a life full of laughter, books and warmth.

God has gifted mewith another chance, however, to make my mark. To make a difference. And He has his reasons, I suppose. For the past 18 months, I've again limited my work under guise of family needs. And that's partially true.....but I wonder. Am I lazy? Afraid of success? Resistant to changing status quo? Too comfortable?

I blew off attending a three-day conference this weekend in Las Vegas, at which I was supposed to listen to and mingle with the likes of Howard Dean, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and US Senator Barbara Boxer of California.
As I sit here, listening to Al Gore, I just had an epiphany.....I'm going to take this professional opportunity the full ten yards. I'm glad we came home early from this afternoon's party. My interests and passions are important, too.

Andrea is in high school, and our other children are responsible adults. Ron works fulltime. This is my time. Finally. And I'm not afraid of success.

God has graciously offered me a rare chance to speak out and be heard. And He's clearly provided the unique and complex path to this point. (The path to here has been incredible, thusfar, to the point of defying coincidence.)

I will take myself seriously. I am not afraid of success. I will follow and trust God's leading. And I will not blow-off any more essential, contact-rich three-day conferences.

To paraphrase my favorite poem, this time around, I will take the road less traveled by, and I have faith that my choice will make all the difference.

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