Thursday, March 22, 2007

Keeping Quiet about My Uterine Biopsy

I underwent a uterine biopsy yesterday. It was unexpected... I started showing telltale symptoms only last week. My longtime doctor promptly sent me to an experienced specialist.

My research, and the specialist's preliminary comments, point to good results, with no or pre-cancerous cells for endometrial cancer. I will receive test results next week. Early-stage endometrial cancer has a cure rate of more than 90%.

To my surprise, I don't feel afraid. At least not yet.

Maybe it doesn't seem real. Or maybe I feel in good medical hands. Or maybe I feel God's presence. I don't know.

What's most disconcerting right now is the reaction of the few people who know: Pity. Sadness. Mild fear (of what, I'm not sure).

My mother's lifelong best friend... a strong Christian woman... battled cancer for over 25 years. She dealt gracefully with various indignities, and she led a wonderful and active life by anyone's measure. She passed away last summer in a car accident, in her late 70s.

I don't want to tell anyone else, because I don't want their sorrow or pity. I am fine, and I am blessed.

One thing, though. Nothing like the "C-word" to cause one to rethink priorities.

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