Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day Confession

My youngest (pictured left, dressed for her senior prom this evening) plans to take me out to lunch after church tomorrow to celebrate Mother's Day. She will also give me a thoughtfully chosen gift.

She would give me the world if she could, and if I asked for it.

My oldest, my 32 year old daughter, and her husband would also give me the world... or almost, anyway. Her life is busy, and I understand that. And she lives 1,000 miles away.

We have a terrific relationship. We talk, email and text all the time. We share similar temperaments and outlooks in many respects. So when I called her last Wednesday to not-so-subtly ask if she needed a Mother's Day gift suggestion, she was thrilled (and probably relieved, truth be known.). She promptly ordered for me that sage-green, leather-trimmed summer purse at J.Crew I have my eye on.

My 30 year old son is busy beyond all reasonableness. A husband, father to two very young (and adorable!) children, a man who works long and hard to make ends meet for his young family... he loves me deeply. I know that. He' ll be busy, though, honoring his wife. And on Mother's Day, she is always swept up in honoring her adoptive mother, who is two decades older than me.

I understand. I really understand... even though they live only ten miles away.

My 25 year old stepson, who I've known and loved for 21 years, will be honoring his mother tomorrow. They both live in Huntington Beach, just a couple miles from each other. And she has always been devoted to him.

I understand. I really understand that, no matter how kind or thoughtful or caring, stepmothers are forgotten on Mother's Day when mothers are fully present. I would have it no other way.

But, although I understand. I really understand, and I love our sons with all my heart... I have to confess: I THANK GOD every single darned day for my daughters!

Because they get it.

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