Monday, January 26, 2004

Monday Morning Musings

It's wonderful to be wrong, and even more wonderful to have found our church home. Sanctity of Life Sunday at our church was addressed to the sacredness of all life, and not just unborn life. (Actually, preborn life. Ron and I learned a new term.) It's astounding how many babies' lives have been legally extinguished in the US since Roe v. Wade....the estimate is 43 million. It's not an understandable number. Murder on that scale must be the largest genocide in human history.

If I could vote in the New Hampshire primary for the Democratic party, I would cast my vote for Dr. Judy Steinberg Dean. She seems like the nicest, most genuine person who has been associated with presidential politics in years. She almost makes her husband look like a palatable candidate. And it's heartwarming how obviously happier and more relaxed, even forthright, he is with her by his side.

How odd to see Ron's brain on film. We met with the specialist today to review his recent MRIs. The brain is nothing, useless and purposeless, without the spirit....without life. How could a doctor possibly not believe in the God that gives all life?

Today is National Bubble Wrap Day. It really is. :) Happy popping!

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