Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Magic Election Year Word is.....Cuba

Election year prediction:

Iraq isn't working so well for George Bush in his re-election efforts. Certainly not achieving its intended election year goals. So it's time to divert attention from his Middle East train wrecks onto a more win/win situation for the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld fraternity.

Next frontier of political opportunity and photo ops: Cuba.

Yup. Think about's totally a win/win. Castro is a ready-made major villain to greater Florida. And Bush NEEDS Florida again to win re-election. Never mind that, like Saddam, Castro's a tired and poor old man with few weapons, lots of hot air and some alienated citizens. His threat is less now than it has been for the past 44 years. He's another toothless tiger, with little left but his pride.

And Bush would look good talking about Cuba. He knows Spanish, and our costume-loving President looks pretty comfy in psuedo-Hispanic attire.

Word has it that Mexico and Peru have suddenly recalled their ambassadors back from Cuba. For the first time in his Presidency, Bush is talking about clamping down on American cash flowing into Cuba. And Bush is scheduled to make a dramatic announcement soon about "his Cuba policy."

The sabers are starting to rattle. And Iraq is about to disappear from our televised radar.

Cynical thinking? You bet. Realistic? Absolutely.

One word of caution to Mr. Bush, though. Be careful about Mr. Castro. Urban legend has it that he's already assassinated one US president.

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