Wednesday, May 19, 2004

We Are Still Winners

We munched popcorn and shouted, booed, clapped and cheered for our Anaheim Angels to beat the feared New York Yankees last night. We screamed when our pitcher struck out uber-talents Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. And when the Angels won at the bottom of the 11th inning with a couple solid hits, we looked like Howard Dean raising a ruckus after the Iowa caucuses.

For a couple hours, the Iraq war didn't exist. There was no shameful behavior by American soldiers. There was no lawsuit by a former investor in our defunct business. There were no concerns over our parents' health. No heavy workload, and no outlandish demands by professors. No looming deadline for a writing project, and no impatient eBayers. No 7th grade tests or papers, and no middle school social pressures.

There was comraderie, emotional release and escape from reality. There was popcorn with our choice of seasonings. And we won. We beat our dreaded foe in a hard-fought battle. We are still winners.

It's easy to understand the popularity of sports.

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