Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Summer for an In-Betweener

She has baked cookies, read a book, visited a girlfriend, hosted a girlfriend, practiced guitar and played with the dog. She has been to a pool party, talked on the phone, watered our vacationing neighbor's plants, and, in her opinion, cleaned her room.

On her summer calendar are more pool parties and Bible studies, a family wedding in Colorado, her long-desired lacrosse camp, Anaheim Angel games, a church beach retreat, and maybe a trip to Portland to study guitar with her Fender-exec uncle. She often visits her sister (and now new husband) each August in the Bay Area. We will enjoy our summer tradition of library trips, movie matinees and picnics in the park.

But she's too young to go places without an adult. Too young to set an independent schedule. Even too young to volunteer at the library. At almost 13, she's now too old to "go play" at boys' homes, even if they'e pals. She's too old to be satsified with "Go ride your bike." She's far too old to be occupied by Disney movies and a nap.

She is a in-betweener. She is bored. And summer is only 13 days old.


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