Saturday, September 18, 2004

Life Got You Down?

Life got you down? Feeling sorry for yourself? Have a case of the everyday blues?

Then go to this blog, Each Day Counts, and you'll see your life with new, grateful eyes. I rarely recommend blogs, but this one is special. It's written by Ruben Porras, a man in this late 20s, who was diagnosed last year with a terminal liver disease, and whose lymphoma is hopefully still in remission.

Every day counts for Ruben, and he sees each with new eyes. He notices and remembers joy, he sees and hears colors, sounds, sites and people in enhanced tones and pitches. He expresses his emotions honestly and with shocking courage, but never with melodramatic self-pity . Never with anger. Ruben's writing is enchanting. He promises poetry soon, and I bet it will be wonderful, too.

I told Ruben that I am praying for him to know the peace and comfort of God, and that God already loves him. (Christian friends, will you also place Ruben on your prayer list that he come to know the healing touch of Jesus Christ?)

The next time you're feeling down, go to Each Day Counts. Ruben inspires me, and he'll undoubtedly do the same for you.

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