Saturday, September 25, 2004

Trail of Spots Leads to Truth or Don't Mess with Mom

A trail of drip spots on our white tile floor leads from the kitchen to the trash in the laundry room...

Andrea - I didn't do it. (said firmly) I know I couldn't ...wouldn't do it.

Me - I know you didn't do it......wanna know how I know? (said with a mother's knowing smile)

Andrea - Yeah.

Me - Because you never throw anything away in the trash. You just leave it on the counter or in the sink.

Andrea - Hey! That's not true. (laughing) I always throw things away.......I do that! At lunch, I .......(defensive blah blah blah overprotesting. This from a child whose room is perpetually a mess.)

Me - So you're saying you could have done it, then? You do walk that way? You did today?

Andrea - (shaking her head, laughing......then a long sigh)'re good.

Me - I'm a mother.

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