Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Donald Picks an Apprentice - The Loser Is the Real Winner

The question of week clearly is Jenn or Kelly? Kelly or Jenn?

If you haven't a clue about the identities of Jenn and Kelly....you're not addicted to "The Apprentice." Your Yahoo calendar isn't cyber-reminding you of the 3-hour Apprentice marathon this Thursday evening. Shut off the phone, turn off the porch lights, because we're not answering either. The Donald is going to choose his next apprentice.

Will it be cool, calculating blonde Phi Beta Kappa Princeton attorney, Jennifer Massey, who has the killer political instincts of a litigation lioness? Or will it be West Point graduate Kelly Perdew, the shrewd, silent software MBA exec who, unlike 4 other Apprentice wannabes who selected reward jewelry for loved ones, spent all $10,000 on a big, fat luxurious watch just for himself?

It's fashionable these days to reward our soldiers, so that would be a bonus PR coup for Trump. But Jenn picked the strongest team for the final competitive task....Kelly picked pushovers and distractable Raj. Kelly fits the Apprentice 1 Bill Rancic-mold.....a hands-on exec-level worker bee. Her corporate majesty Jennifer delgates. Really delegates.

If Trump is smart, he'll select Jennifer. With her ferocious defensive gifts of gab, she'll negotiate his casinos out of bankruptcy in no time.

No matter who the Donald picks to be his next Apprentice...remember this: the loser is the real winner. Rumor has it that Apprentice 1 final-round loser, Kwame Jackson, makes tons more bucks than Bill.

And Bill actually has to work for the unbearable Donald Trump.

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