Thursday, December 16, 2004

Stress-Free New Years Resolutions

I've been known to make ambitious, exhaustive lists of New Year's resolutions, whereas Ron never made any at all. As the years roll by, Ron and I become more and more alike in our New Year's resolutions philosophies.

My resolutions for 2005 include ones you might expect.....write, continue to tutor in writing, continue to seek inspiration, send at least one manuscript to prospective agents, parenting, faithful Bible study, new car, save. You know the list.

But my list also includes two you may not expect.....make for family and friends 30 to 50 new dishes in 2005, perhaps by working through an untried cookbook or two. I'm thinking Chinese and Japanese wok cooking and French country cuisine. Greek might be fun, too. And second, to spend more time savoring beautiful parks and public gardens.

Ron has announced just one 2005 resolution: for he and I to dine at every Mexican restaurant in our city's Hispanic Old Town section. (There are about 15 authentic, family-owned eateries, all Mexican)

One more resolution.....that you, too, will adopt a couple carefree resolutions to lift your spirits in these stressful times.

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