Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday Thought on Christianity and Pro-Lifers

On this Good Friday, a thought occurs to me.....

Christianity is a mindset....a view of life, of humanity, of our world. Having Christianity in your heart means to filter all comings and goings, all experiences, through the prism of Jesus' words.

Being a Christian is not limited to specific dates or actions, like attending services on Easter and Christmas Eve. My parents reliably took us to church every Sunday. "Church" was then done for the week until the following Sunday. It was a decent start on the road to becoming Christian...but the commitment and submission to reach the destination fell short. Christianity was something we did on Sunday morning, not something we lived.

Likewise, being "pro-life" is a fully-internalized view of our relationship to God-created life. It's about honoring and respecting the value of every person, and acting on that value. It's about seeing worth in every person. It's certainly about not taking the life of another. It's also about supporting systems that save lives and preserve the dignity and sanctity of human life.

Like "Easter-&-Christmas-only" Christians, many self-professed pro-lifers preach that their gospel consists of just a couple issues. That may be a decent start, but it falls far short of the destination. It's a half-measure, at best.

Being "pro-life" is a condition of the heart, not a bullet-point political agenda. And just like being a Christian, being "pro-life" is about every person we meet, every activity we attend, and every cause we support.

Being pro-life is about loving, seeing with eyes of love and acting with love. It's about loving your neighbor as you do yourself.


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