Monday, March 07, 2005

Welcome Home, Martha

I don't know why so many despise Martha Stewart.

The woman is a positive-thinker. She appreciates beauty in all forms and surroundings. She looks to beautify life. She makes the best of every experience. She truly makes lemonade out of life's lemons, and she always has.

She's retaught (or newly taught) women to appreciate home arts as noble. She creates lovely home environments, delicious meals, thoughtful parties for loved ones, engaging hobbies, interesting vacations, fertile gardens.

What did she do when she first got home? Throw a splashy party? Trot in a stream of celeb friends? Play the victim card? She picked lemons, fed the horses, walked her beloved dog and savored homemade soup with family.

She's one of us, but with more money. She lives transparently, and she shows us her life. She effusively thanks her fans every chance she gets.

Martha Stewart has been kicked down in the dusty road of life many times. What I admire most about Martha is that she invariably picks herself up, shakes the dust from her sandals and moves on with a smile and perfect blonde-streaked hair.

And freshly baked cookies.

Welcome home, Martha. You've been missed.

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