Thursday, March 25, 2004

Genius Mothers Day Marketing Strategy

We're tired and driving home after Andrea's softball game last night. Ron has Wed night classes again this semester, so I have supportive softball mom responsibiities.

Andrea: Oh Mom...I forgot to tell you....remember that contest that I told you about?

Me: No. What contest? (Oh no...another activity. Another tournament.)

Andrea: a diamond for your mom contest? My Language Arts teacher told us about it.

Me: Uh, sort of. (Ears perking up....attention rising.)

Andrea: A jewelry company had a contest. We could write an essay of 30 words or less about why my mom should win a diamond. I came in second. I won a garnet for you.

Me: (Not sure I'm understanding....) Uh...OK. When did you find out?

Andrea: Today. My teacher told me. About 10 kids at our school got second place.

Me: You wrote an essay about me?

Andrea: Yeah.

Me: (Maternal tears welling up....) What did you say?

Andrea: That you work really hard for us and that you are really really loving and that you are a positive role model for me.

Me: (Tears are flowing now...) Oh...thank you. I don't know what to say.......that's so sweet. Andrea....(long pause)...thank you. (Mothers live for these words....they treasure them in their hearts forever. All that laundry....all those softball games....all those meals....all that patience....she noticed. More quiet tears.)

Andrea: (Kind of embarrassed...) Mom, it's no big deal. It's just true.

Me: (Pause...regain control of my runaway maternal pride.) So a garnet? Wow. I love garnets.

Andrea: It's some special kind of garnet. It's just the garnet, not anything else. Third place winners got amethysts.

Me: Great! I'll keep it forever.....I'll wear it always. (Ok... a loose stone. Hmmmm....that means I'll have spend money to make it wearable.)

Andrea: To go get it, we have to be at the jewelry store on May 7th between 4 and 5 PM. All the mothers and kids will be there then.

Me: I can't wait. Thank you, Andrea. I am sooooo proud.

I get ops and publicity for honoring mothers with sweet essays by their beloved sons and daughters. Moms with unset stones won by their children to honor them. Mothers who now know the location of that thoughtful jewelry store. Mothers who now have a place to buy that ring, pendant or pin setting for their new unset stone....maybe even matching earrings. Mothers who HAVE to wear their new stones. Mothers who will probably be required to be buried with those stones.

And all on the Friday afternoon before Mothers' Day.

Pure marketing genius.

And I'm weeping with joy.

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