Friday, May 07, 2004

And the Legalisms Continue....

News services report that, in regard to our armed forces' abuse of Iraqi prisoners of war, President Bush "scolded Rumsfeld for not informing him more clearly about the investigation."

He did not scold him for hiding the investigation. Apparently, Donald Rumsfeld told him about it. Just not clearly enough. And he did not scold him for the occurrence of the abuse, or for the establishment of conditions that made this abuse possible and acceptable.

The legalisms and self-serving political thinking continues, even under the most heinous and immoral of situations.

Here's my question...where's the moral outrage in this country? Why aren't Christians rising up and demanding accountability for this obvious evil? What does it take for Christians to demand obedience from our leaders to the values and morals that our pastors, our Bible, our God teach?

Or are Christians separating church and state in our thinking?

Or maybe Christians don't require moral and honest behavior of Republicans in public office.

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