Monday, September 27, 2004

Baseball vs The Apprentice vs Presidential Debates

Let's see....we'll actually be home this Thursday evening. Wonder what's on TV?

Uh oh. Conflict time. Our beloved
Anaheim Angels playing a must-win game for a play-off berth. Exciting game last night. Two homeruns, great pitching. Good fun.

"The Apprentice," one funny program, although not as funny this season. Seems a bit contrived. No one would hire a couple of those loonies. They're ratings draws....not potential employees and what's with that pretentious big-word guy with the cane?

And the over-hyped, over-negotiated, over-rehearsed Presidential debates. Talk about contrived. If Bush had put half as much effort into dealing with the UN as his 30-member negotiation team did for setting debate rules, he wouldn't be so close to losing the presidency. Wouldn't you rather see these two guys shout it out, no holds barred, at one of Bush's beer-and-barbecue fests down on the ranch? Now that would be both authentic and entertaining.

Ok...need to set some priorities, so here goes.

Watch the Angels. Tape "The Apprentice." The hell with the debates. They'll be overanalyzed ad naseum, anyway, on every news channel. We won't be spared one agonizing moment of the silly debacle between rich bully boy and rich aloof guy.

Off to the market to get our requisite peanuts in the shell and red vines for baseball game watching

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