Monday, September 20, 2004

Power of Purpose Winning Essays

Winning essays were published today for the Power of Purpose contest. For those who were praying for me, no, I didn't win one of the 19 prizes. I was one of the 6981 international entrants whose reward was the experience of researching and writing the essay. And that is far more than sufficient.

Topics of the winning essays are brilliant and inspiring, if occasionally a bit self-serving. Some were well-written, some sophomoric or overstated, but all are imminently marketable as a "Chicken Soup for the Purpose-Driven Life" tome. A second-place victor wrote on my topic, adult literacy, but she did it better and with a heart-wrenching twist. I admit.....I like her essay better than mine.

Losing something I wanted and worked for isn't stings some today, but the sting will soon be gone. I learned an incredible amount from the process. After reading the winning entries, though, I realize I'm likely not quite ready for prime time, anyway.

But watch out world. I'll be more experienced, informed, and ready next time around. Wiser for the wear, I'm shaking the dust from my sandals and moving on to the next challenge.

Thank you for the prayers, good thoughts and words of support. I am grateful.

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