Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Attacked by the Wedding Reception Committee

My son is marrying a wonderful Peruvian woman in 10 days, and they are expecting a child in mid-2005. We just found out last week about their good news, so wedding hoopla has been hectic.......unbelievably hectic.

Despite my best half-serious avoidance maneuvers, I have been included in planning the reception. Included on the family wedding reception committee are my ex-husband's wife, my future daughter-in-law's mother (who is currently not acknowledging that she speaks or understands much English; I've been told that it's a cultural pride thing.) and aunt, the bride and me.

A committee of women all from the same family-to-be. All bright, outspoken women with strong, strong minds. All with opinions. And only one who has no problem with making swift, firm In fact, I might be the only one remotely capable of any decision-making whatsoever in any context whatsoever! (Sense my frustration yet?)

Plans change with the hour. Venue, band and or no band, napkins and plates and silverware, and good Lord, the food. It's gotten so wacky and out-of-control that the person I communicate best with at this point is my ex-husband's wife, and we haven't liked each other for 20 years.

Years ago when I worked in public accounting, many of us had a useful escape strategy for when the in-laws or similar came to visit for a few stressful weeks. Drum up a legit business trip for at least a couple days. Then show back up refreshed and blameless toward the end of their visit.

I have no escape hatch here. The best plan I have is complete agreement, no matter what, and oodles of creative delegating.

Ron says to be grateful that it'll be over in 10 days. Not 10 weeks or 10 months. He's right. Then we can focus on the joy of our first grandchild. :)

The thought just occurred to naive me, I wonder if there will be a grandparenting committee.

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