Thursday, May 19, 2005

One Woman's Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act. My life is, anyway.

Balancing between personal and professional, needs and wants. Between immediate family and extended family, birth family and in-laws. Between Ron-and-me and our children.

Getting through just one day is a balancing act. I have an article to write, yet laundry is piled up and the refrigerator is almost empty. Our 9-month pregnant daughter-in-law is feeling miserable, and Ron's mother is hospitalized in Reno with a serious lung infection. I want to help and comfort them. Here on my desk are notices for 3 must-attend 8th grade activities, all happening in the next 5 days, and the 8th grade grad party committee is asking me for help.

And yet I'm dashing off to Seattle for a weekend business meeting in 2 weeks. I thought working at home would preclude boring yada-yada meetings, but technology and the times have cured that. Yesterday, I had 2 hour-long phone conferences.

Ron told me that I wished him Happy Birthday in the middle of last night. His birthday is in August.

It's a blessing to be needed and loved, and a privilege to help our family. And I'm profoundly grateful for the opportunities that God has heaped on me.

But....I don't have an ending to this. It's just a "but." But how should I balance it all? How can I get it all done? How can I keep my writing focus when there's so much to do?

I'm the glue that holds it together in our home and family.

This bottle of Elmer's is tired today.


Mark Daniels said...

Deborah: I linked to this wonderful piece on my blog.


purple_kangaroo said...

You put into words the way I often feel. Nice post.