Sunday, November 13, 2005

Of Seductive Trappings

I had a dream last night that a darkly magnetic, thirtyish man wanted to court me. (I assume I was 20 years younger...age wasn't an issue.) He was quiet and subtly caring, with smoldering chemistry. I liked him, and was attracted to him. He felt trustworthy, although not warm. We courted for months, and I fell a bit more under his spell with each chaste date.

We were sitting in different corners of a room one day. He rose and looking into my eyes. asked if he could kiss me. Yes, I said. He bent down, and kissed me lightly, sensuously, seriously. His soulful kisses were seductive and emotional for me.

My heart fluttered, my mind swooned. I was reeling with attraction to him.

He stood up and pulled out a shrink-wrapped black book. He solemnly handed it to me,and left the room.

I looked down at the book. The front cover said, in rich gold letters, "The Book of Mormon."

I knew I could not be his.
This is not a dream about wanting to date or leave my marriage. and it is not specifically about the Mormon church.

It's a dream about knowing who I am not, religiously, regardless of the seductive trappings.

(And yes, I really had this dream last night, and I have faithfully recounted it.)


Mark Daniels said...

That is an interesting dream, to be sure. Sometimes dreams do reveal our most deeply-held values to us.


Deborah White said...

It was just a dream...but yes, it seems to be related to matters currently on my mind.

Since I started writing regularly again about two years ago, I dream vividly and frequently almost every night. But alas, I remember few.

Thanks for visiting, Mark!!!