Monday, January 02, 2006

Frozen Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Gray-sky rain drizzles on our windows and roof as cold winds scatter the last autumn leaves on our front lawn. Ron and I snuggle under blankets, the outside world forgotten in our cozy bed. Andrea watches the Rose Parade in front of a fire.

Celebrations have ended, and family and friends have left. Presents are opened and put away. Festive family cooking and feasting is done. Our Christmas tree is faded and drooping with ornaments, too dry to plug in twinkling white lights. Bright ribbons and package wrapping that were strewn in our family room are now in the trash.

The laughter and love of Christmas and New Years Eve are gone, and yet, since today is a Monday holiday, the juicy promise of new opportunities, new frontiers, new treasures of the New Year wait until tomorrow.

Our small world is dressed in pajamas today....frozen between yesterday and tomorrow. Luxuriating in a rare day for reading, puttering and puzzle-playing. And just the three of us, sitting down soon to a late breakfast of blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit and apple cider.

Happy New Year tomorrow. Not today.

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