Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Second Place

My blog at US Liberals at About.com was nominated last month by fellow About.com guides as one of the top five (of about 528 sites) About.com blogs. The category was "Best in Joining the Discussion." The 500 guides vote on these awards, plus presumably, corporate staff.

About.com is now a top-15 destination website in the US, and is part of the New York Times. (In fact, in 2005, it's the most profitable part of the Times.) The reward is nice but minimal.....$500 plus $500 reimbursement for attendance the next regional About.com meeting.

My blog's nomination is quite an honor, although not a huge surprise.....I've worked long, hard and creatively to be part of the blogosphere discussion, with a good degree of success at generating traffic and incoming links.

I found out this afternoon that my blog came in second by a narrow margin, and that the other three nominees were far behind us in vote tallies.

I'm flattered. It's quite an accolade and great recognition.. And the winning site is truly excellent....although I like mine better. (And so do 82 other About.com guides.) I graciously congratulated the winner, and I meant it.

It's just that.............I hate coming in second place in anything.....


Anonymous said...

congrats on the silver medal. It is much like those olympians who work all there lives for that moment of golden spotlight and get the silver or bronze. If you were the best you would have gotten gold. So good luck next time old silver medalist that no one will remember...

Deborah White said...

LOL...thank you for the congrats. A few will remember, I guess. Regardless, I care deeply about doing a great job.

The gold medal winner has an excellent site, and truthfully, the person management clearly favored and wanted to "win" did so.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. I assumed she would "win."

Oh well. That's corporate life.