Sunday, December 31, 2006

Annual Accountability Moment, 2006

Ok... here it is: my 3rd annual New Year's Accountability Moment.

And I'm thrilled this year. I measured up, so to speak. To quote the late James Brown, "I feel good..."

Annual Miles Logged on Trusty Stationary Bike
2006 - 645.5
2005 - 564.5
2004 - 562.0
Literally, I can't imagine what my health or weight would be without all that exercise. Or I don't dare to imagine, given my family history of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes... of which I've experienced none.
My advice: if you hate exercise, like me, find ways to make it fun. It could be a matter of life or... well, not life here.
Happy New Year, and God bless!


Anonymous said...

53.75 miles a, keep up the great work...shoot for 1,000 this year? Question is, when do you log the most miles and why?
If you log more miles when Oprah is on, Tivo multiple episodes and do the marathon of cycling. If Martha of the Stuarts is on you can at least double that. What does inspire you to jump on the stationary bike???

Deborah White said...


I almost always execise in the morning, so no Oprah, as she's on at 3 PM. LOL

Usually mid-morning, during two programs I enjoy but wouldn't otherwise find time to watch: Martha and The View.

Raising my daily mileage is, indeed, my next goal. I conquered consistency this year, which raised my annual total by about 80 miles.

Thank you again for your kind encouragement. I'm determined to beat my metabolism.

I've already beat my mother's arthritis: she's barely walked since she was 40 year old, and now is confined to sitting. I originally started this to beat arthritis more than anything else. At 55, I only have twinges in my knees.

God bless...