Thursday, October 30, 2003

Barbie, Pagan Witch

Christian moms who think Barbie is a benign influence and perhaps even a cute toy, please take note: there is a new Barbie in town, and she is a bona fide witch.

Yup, it's true. This fall, Mattel is offering a new Barbie, Secret Spells Barbie, along with two companions, Christie and Kayla. Barbie comes with two glamorous caped outfits, a spellbook with secret compartment, a dragonfly, mixing pot, stand, spoon, three bottles and two packets of magic powder (sugar-based mixes). The other two dolls also come with two glittery outfits, spell book, edible potions and potion cups.

Sample a few of the hundreds of comments about Secret Spells Barbie at, a consumer product review website:

"Hello, people. It is a toy. No need to get your pants in a bunch, Wiccans, Pagans and Christians alike. I am a witch. I am not a Barbie fan at all...never have been. But it is still a toy. By the way, way to go Mattel."

"Secret Spells Barbie is a great way to celebrate the holidays; I just wish she looked more like Morticia Addams than Samantha (of American Girls dolls)."

"I'm a Wiccan and I have a sense of humor. You can darn well bet that I and a number of my coveners are going to have these in our homes soon. And no, not for my kid (I don't have any!) It'll be for ME!"

"Oh my stars! Now the Mattel people are infringing upon my family's ancient belief sytem. How can they get away with this? ....I intend to track down and purchase a few samples of these Barbies, to add to my world-wide collection of the art-form depiction of the Feminine Goddess aspect in today's society."

How can anyone be surprised?

I can't say it better than one quote from "Great job, Mattel, adding more evil and confusion to little girls' worlds."

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