Sunday, October 12, 2003

Epiphany that Few Will Believe

Friends and family would never believe that I would say such a thing, but epiphanies do happen: It is great to be middle aged. Yup, those words came from me. I spoke to my mid-20s, newlywed daughter this evening, and memories of that time in life came flooding back to me.

Now, I know who I am, and, with God's grace, how to accomplish my goals and priorities. Ron and I are long-settled into marital bliss, and have a good life together. Three of four children are raised and now adults, and the fourth is bright and easy-going. We are at peace with our parents. We have interests and passions, both shared and individual. (I still don't understand why he doesn't want me to learn golf. :) Life has its challenges and sorrows, but we know how to weather the storms. We have matured in and find joy in our faith. We are blessed and grateful.

It is exciting for my daughter and her husband to be on the brink of their new lives together...a shining blank slate just waiting for their signatures. But I, who has struggled for a decade with aging, would not trade places with them, even if given the chance. That is a soul-satisfying realization.

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