Thursday, July 29, 2004

Husband Analysis - Engagement or Merely Toleration?

I'm not a political junkie...honestly, I'm not. But I care about our country, and I believe that it's the duty of every citizen to be informed, interested and involved. Ron, on the other hand, tolerates. In fact, I strongly suspect that he tolerates only because I care.

Here are my clues as to his interest-level in the ongoing Democratic Convention.....

When I leave the room and then return, the channel has been turned to the Angels game.

The first night, I insisted that he stay up late to watch a particular speech. The second night, I told him that he could either see an exceptional speech at 6:30 PM or 11 PM. He made sure he was home early.

His eyes kept falling shut during John Edwards' acceptance speech last night.

He suddenly finds Jon Stewart's humor on "The Daily Show" to be laugh-out-loud funny when it pokes fun at the convention. And he's wide awake again when it airs at 11 PM.

Hmmm...what do you think? Is he merely tolerating it for my favor?

If so, that's fine with me. One more informed citizen.

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